EBS-RCM Component

The Communication System

•All banks send information on banking transactions through a secure Internet link to a Central Server maintained by ABC Ltd

•Information is processed and necessary reports are generated and disseminated to the relevant agencies of government by ABC Ltd

A Database Software System

•Customised application software to allow capturing of all relevant information

•Customised interface between the bank's application software and the Internet messaging system

•Automated database management system to process data promptly

The Accounting & Reconciliation System

•The system has created specific codes for all tax stations, other revenue-agencies, and all revenue items

•The system has unique IDs for all taxpayers

•It ensures relevant codes are properly captured by banks at the points of payments

•It uses the codes to reconcile data received from all relevant sources and to generates appropriate reports

The Monitoring System

•Liaises with and coordinates the activities of all parties to the EBS-RCM

•Monitors LIRS and the tax station's activities

•Monitors other revenue agencies

•Monitors other consultants engaged in the collection of revenue

•Monitors activities of all the participating banks

•Monitors Senior Ministry Officials and Top Government Functionaries who are involved in Revenue matters