EBS-RCM Overview

The EBSProg is an Application Software designed on Microsoft SQL Server as the back-bone model for the Lagos State Government Electronic Banking System of Revenue Cycle Management (lasg EBS-RCM). It is a suite of programs, queries and reports that are closely integrated to process information relating to the EBS-RCM Program.

The Objectives of the EBS-RCM is to Go-online with the Direct Bank Lodgment System (DBLS) of the revenue collection process and provide information for tax administration and planning while Monitoring and co-ordination of all revenue generating activities of the state.

The EBS-RCM is a sophisticated information network system linking Tax stations & other revenue Agencies to lodgment banks. It uses e-Pay messaging system for inter-bank communications by creating and maintaining a database of all revenue collection activities thus allowing for on-line tracking.

The details of the System comprise the following:

•Capturing of all payments information & other banking transactions on-line;

•Capturing additional information during the payment process as required for the master database;

•Co-ordinating enumeration activities that will yield valuable data to keep database up-to-date;

•Investigating suspicious taxpayer activities – evasion, delay, etc;

•Investigating suspicious banking transactions – fraudulent debits, diversion of funds, etc;

•Tracking the stock and issuance of sensitive revenue documents – Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC), Treasury Receipts, etc;

•Generating reconciled cash-book on all banks' accounts for the AG’s office

•Generating summary and specialized reports for tax stations and other agencies as required;

•Setting up electronic link between tax stations and other agencies with the central Information Pool incorporating applicable restrictions